edcampEdcamp is a movement growing out of needs for more flexible, responsive, and robust professional development for instructors and administrators.  Also called “unconferences”, Edcamps are non-commercial and without keynote addresses or contracted speakers.  Rather, Edcamps are participant driven, made up by sessions that are facilitated by conference attendees. (Note that you do not have to facilitate a session in order to attend Edcamp).  Edcamps are emergent, based on the needs and interest of the educational community to which they are targeted.  Sessions can focus on technologies for research and academics, instructional strategies, help sessions, roundtable discussions, or whatever else you can imagine.  The goal of Edcamp is to provide space and opportunity for educators and administrators to come together to voice their needs and interests, and to collaborate and share based on these interests.  You can read more about the Edcamp philosophy at Edcamp: Innovation in Professional Development.

How to Participate

Edcamp William & Mary is an academic event for all W&M faculty, staff, and graduate students.  We will be offering the W&M teaching community the opportunity to suggest sessions and topics prior to the January 23rd with Google Moderator.  To suggest a topic or session you’d like to attend at Edcamp, simply visit our current topic suggestions in Google Moderator.  To suggest a topic, click submit an idea.  You may remain anonymous.  To suggest a topic or idea that you would be willing to facilitate, please include your first name, last initial, and department.  Spend some time browsing the suggestions, and vote for the ones you’d like to see or attend.  The morning of the event, we will select the sessions with the most upvotes.

Tweet about Edcamp W&M using the hashtag #edcampWM

Please feel free to contact April Lawrence or Jamison Miller in the School of Education if you have questions or if you’d like more information about this event.